Tar (Pix Liquida)is extracted by heat from the Scotch fir; it has been long employed by doctors both externally, and internally.



Bath Oil: Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and other dry, itchy and inflamed skin conditions. Gel: Reduces inflammation and itching associated with dermatitis (particularly industrial contact dermatitis), eczema, anal and genital pruritus, intertrigenous inflammation (particularly of the groin area), psoriasis, urticaria and contact dermatitis in infants (particularly of the napkin area), fungal infections eg, athlete’s foot and thrush. Solution: Relieves pruritus and inflammation associated with psoriasis, prickly heat, urticaria, chickenpox, anal and genital pruritus, insect bites, prurigo, dermatitis, eczema, heat and napkin rash, sunburn and skin grafts.


Pix liquida is stimulant, diuretic and diaphoretic. It has been advantageously used in chronic coughs, chronic bronchial and laryngeal affections; the inhalation of its vapor acts as a stimulant and irritant to the bronchial mucous membrane, promoting its secretion, but is seldom used. It is chiefly used externally as a local application to some cutaneous affections, as porrigo, tinea capitis, lepra, psoriasis, prurigo, eczema, and herpes circinatus. Excellent results sometimes follow its employment in suppurating burns, excoriations, furuncles, cracked nipples, and piles. Oakum, a dressing sometimes impregnated with Pix liquida forms a good antiseptic absorbent for pus-bathed surfaces, and also to obstinate ulcers. It is an excellent antipruritic and that is its specific use. A Pix liquida-water has been recommended in cough and bronchial affections, and to prevent the reproduction of boils.


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