Pyrogenium is made by mixing water and lean beef together. It is left standing for three weeks.



  • Homeopathic use


  • The main condition that pyrogenium is used to treat is blood poisoning, and its associated symptoms.
  • The homeopathic medicine can alleviate symptoms such as high fever, cold sweats, abnormal pulse rate, and restlessness. It may provide relief for general soreness.
  • Bodily bruising and aches can be assuaged by the remedy. Ulcers, particularly those in the elderly, can also be treated with pyrogen solution.


  • People with symptoms that would normally call for this treatment are usually given penicillin or similar medications to combat infection.
  • Homeopaths typically prescribe this remedy when the patient has a longstanding history of sepsis without a full recovery. Mild abrasions and inflammation may be treated with pyrogen solution, as well as bacterial infections.


  • No known side effects reported thus far.


  • No known drug interactions. Do not take homeopathic remedies without first consulting a homeopathic practitioner. Do not take several remedies at the same time as that is often discouraged in homeopathic treatment. Take the recommended dose only and immediately report any changes in condition to your doctor.

Other names

Artificial Sepsin, Pyrogen


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