Raw Oyster Concentrate

Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements are made from edible oysters.



Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements are often taken to enhance sexual performance and build lean muscle.


Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements can be extremely beneficial to your health and well-being due to the many vitamins and minerals they provide. For instance, Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements are high in zinc, selenium, iron, calcium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B12.

Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements provide many hormonal benefits to individuals who consume the supplement. Researchers have proven that raw oysters are high in zinc and amino acids which affect the production of sexual hormones.

Supplement manufacturers believe that due to the high amounts of zinc and amino acids in raw oysters, using the raw oysters in supplements can produce the same benefits as eating a raw oyster. The zinc in raw oysters helps the production of testosterone.

Supplement companies process raw oysters into a supplement to supply an individual with the form of zinc necessary to increase testosterone production.

Amino acids found in raw oysters also help the production of additional hormones in the body which affect the libido. Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements are manufactured with raw oyster ingredients to provide the same amino acid to individuals who need or want to increase their libido.

Although there have been no formal studies conducted, individuals who consume Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements believe it helps create lean muscle. Raw Oyster Concentrate provides many beneficial vitamins and minerals to the body due to its main ingredient: raw oyster.

Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements help build muscles due to an oyster’s low calorie, high protein content. Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements remove the cholesterol in the manufacturing process providing an additional health benefit.

Raw oysters contain the highest amount of nutrients compared to boiled, steamed, or fried oysters. Raw oysters are high in chromium which suppresses the absorption of carbohydrates which enables more muscle mass to be built.

Raw oysters are high in iodine which affects the thyroid gland. A healthy thyroid gland encourages metabolism which allows you to burn more calories. The thyroid also helps you fight off infection which is important when training.

Raw oysters are also high in zinc which encourages the production of testosterone. Testosterone is vital in building muscle.


There are no known side effects to Raw Oyster Concentrate Supplements. However, if you are allergic to shellfish, you could possibly suffer from the same reaction you would have if you ate raw oysters. Individuals who are allergic to shellfish usually swell up and have difficulty breathing.

If you are allergic to shellfish you may also experience mild side effects to Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements. Mild side effects to Raw Oyster Concentrate include hives, itching, or runny nose.

There has been a lot of controversy on eating raw oysters. However, Raw Oyster Concentrate is not the same as raw oysters as it goes through a manufacturing process. Nonetheless, if you experience stomach discomfort, nausea, or diarrhea, discontinue use of Ray Oyster Concentrate.

If you are looking to increase male performance or athletic performance, you should look into taking Raw Oyster Concentrate supplements for the improved health benefits. Please note that these supplements are not regulated by the FDA.

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No interactions are known. Please consult your pharmacist.

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