Sabadilla is a toxic plant that is found growing naturally in Central America and Mexico. A member of the lily family, Sabadilla  may also be cultivated in different parts of North and South America. This plant is not only a popular insecticide, but also forms the basis for a homeopathic remedy by the same name.



  • Sabadilla is a chief remedy for coryza and hay fever. It is also called sneezing remedy as indicated in hay fever, influenza etc.
  • Sabadilla also helps in headache from too much thinking, too close application or attention, or from worms. There is boring, burning and pressing pain in head with heaviness. Headache with vertigo accompanied by blackness before eyes and sensation of fainting.
  • Sabadilla is also indicated in tonsillitis and diphtheria. Starts on left side then extending to the right side. There is a sensation of skin hanging loosely in the throat, must swallow over it.


  • The homeopathic remedy sabadilla works or has an effect on the mucus membranes of the nose and tear glands. Hence, in homeopathy, this medicine is extensively used to cure hay fever and cold, especially when they are accompanied by sporadic sneezing and a runny and itchy nose along with scratchiness in the soft palate. These conditions may also be accompanied by a burning sensation in the eyes, watering from the eyes and a tearing headache all over the eyes. Patients suffering from hay fever may also have a dry and tender throat making it difficult to swallow anything. In such conditions, taking hot beverages helps to comfort the throat. While sabadilla is effective in curing the actual health conditions and providing relief from the associated symptoms, this homeopathic medicine is also used to eliminate thread worms in kids.
  • As aforementioned, in homeopathy, sabadilla is a useful medicine for treating intestinal worms that brings about nausea, which, in turn, results in vomiting. In fact, this homeopathic remedy is most effective for children who have a tendency to cry continuously and are quite difficult to pacify. Sometimes, it may even be near impossible to comfort such crying children.
  • While homeopathic medicines may prove to be very effective in treating intestinal worms and occasionally they are sufficient to get rid of such worms, there are times when it is also necessary to use conventional medicines to treat the condition. Therefore, homeopathic medicines should only be used separately in cases where the patient fails to get any relief from the worms using the more conventional medications. Nevertheless, homeopathic medicines are also effective and safe when they are used concurrently with conventional medicines while treating intestinal worms.


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  • When taking any homeopathic remedy, do not use peppermint products, coffee, or alcohol. These products may cause the remedy to be ineffective.

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