Sabina is a plant used in homeopathy, especially the top parts. The branches and leaves are used to make medicine.



  • Causing an abortion.
  • Genital warts, when applied to the skin.
  • Other conditions.


Sabina is a medicine of lower abdomen that includes kidney, bladder, uterus, ovary, urethra and anus etc. It is called a hemorrhagic remedy as it acts on bleeding piles and uterine hemorrhage whether it is menorrhagia, metorrhagia or due to any other cause. Hemorrhage from kidney, bladder, urethra or anus also comes under its sphere of action.

It causes turmoil in the circulatory system and pulsation all over the body. The bleeding is bright red in color; in the beginning the patient passes clots. Sometime the menses may continue till the next menstrual cycle appears. Uterine bleeding is associated with pain in sacrum which extends on the pubes. The same symptom is present in Viburnun Opulus but with some difference; its pain starts from the sacrum, takes round the abdomen and ends at the pubes.

Sabina is similar to Pulsatilla in general characteristic; both are worse in warm room and want the windows open and wants to be open air. But in bleeding Pulsatilla is not given as it may increase the bleeding; therefore at this condition Sabina is given.

Sabina also has venereal warts as find in Thuja but Thuja warts are moist and cause bleeding on touching.


  • Savin tops are UNSAFE and can cause death if taken by mouth as a powder or tea. Taking only six drops of the volatile oil can also cause death.

    Symptoms of poisoning by savin tops include queasiness, abnormal heart rhythm, spasms, kidney damage, blood in the urine, paralysis, and unconsciousness. Taking savin tops by mouth can also cause severe irritation of the lungs (pneumonitis), digestive tract (gastroenteritis), liver (hepatitis), and kidney (nephritis).

    When applied to the skin, savin-tops can cause skin irritation, blisters, and damage from dead cells (necroses).


  • None are recorded.

Other names

Chaparra, Coronas de Sabino, Genévrier Sabine, Juniperus sabina, Sabina Chaparra, Sabina Rastrera, Sabina Real, Sabina Terrera, Sabine, Sabinier, Savin, Savin Tops, Savine, Sommités du Genévrier Sabine


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