Santalum Paniculatum is a genus of woody flowering plants, the best known and commercially valuable of which is the Indian sandalwood tree.


  • Used to produce an essential oil.


  • A high quality essential oil is obtained from the heartwood. This oil was traditionally used to a limited extent to scent coconut oil (for application to the hair and body) and cultural artifacts such as tapa cloth.
  • Today, the oil is highly valued for use in perfumery, cosmetics, incense sticks, aromatherapy etc
  • A mixture of heartwood and sapwood is powdered and made into incense or joss sticks which are used in eastern religious ceremonies.
  • Sawdust, wood shavings from carving, or wood residue after oil distillation may be used
  • The highest value sandalwood is used for carving religious statues and objects, handicrafts, art, and decorative furniture.


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Other names

  • Mountain Sandalwood, Hawaiian Sandalwood, ‘Iliahi


Source: PFAF,


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