Scleranthus annuus is a species of flowering plant in the pink family known by the common names German knotweed and annual knawel. It is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and it is known throughout the rest of the temperate world as an introduced species and a common weed.



This is a homeopathic remedy used for calming of the mind and nerves.


Scleranthus is a remedy that is also recommended for treating mood swings – happy at one moment and sad in the next moment, and it has also been found to be effective in other conditions wherein the balance of an individual is upset, for instance, in the case of motion sickness.

Additionally, Scleranthus is also employed in curing bipolar disorders, like in manic-depressive conditions; in dissociative personality disorders, for instance, multiple personality disorder, as well as conversion disorder, which is also known as hysterical neurosis of the conversion kind, when the symptoms of the patient waver between two limits.

Individuals who are enduring the Scleranthus state of mind generally experience mood swings, wavering emotions and unpredictability. Since the mind chops and changes, the emotions too swing easily from one limit to another. At one moment, the Scleranthus personality may be found tearful, in the subsequent moment he/ he may be bursting with laughter. Then again, such individuals may be full of encouragement and enthusiasm regarding any particular proposal, but all of a sudden show disinterest in the same idea. Unpredictability may often be severe and frustrate people who may be trying to help individuals in Scleranthus state to adjust themselves to an assortment of altering demands or desires.

When one is in Scleranthus state, he or she is very easily impressed emotionally and mentally and becomes melodramatic. At the same time, the internal core of steadiness is not strengthened, and the influential power, and in a number of instances, there is an absence of determination.

It may be noted that the emotional condition of individuals who are engaged in process of making important decisions is a frightening one when one thinks of the possibility of making an incorrect decision, of being weighed down, of having a feeling of inadequacy and there is a likelihood of having a growing feeling of desolation and uselessness. In fact, even when an individual has decided on something, he or she may feel anxious and feeble inside, thinking of a likely untoward incident, deeming that things may not be quite appropriate and yet finding an absence of inner confidence and peace.


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Other names

Bach Flower Remedies


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