Scleroglucan is a natural polysaccharide, produced by fungi of the genus Sclerotium, that has been extensively studied for various commercial applications



Scleroglucan has various industrial applications, especially in the oil industry for thickening, drilling muds and for enhanced oil recovery. Other industrial uses include the preparation of adhesives, water colors, printing inks and liquid animal feed composition. In the cosmetic industry, Scleroglucan may be used in hair control compositions and in various skin care preparations, creams and protective lotions. In pharmaceutical products, Scleroglucan may be used as a laxative, in tablet coatings and in general to stabilize suspensions. In the food industry, numerous Japanese patents describe quality improvements of frozen foods , Japanese cakes, steamed foods, rice crackers and bakery products


The use of Scleroglucan as an antitumor, antiviral and antimicrobial compound has also been investigated. Scleroglucan has shown immune stimulatory effects compared with other biopolymers, and its potential contribution to the treatment of many diseases should be taken into account in therapeutic regimens.


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