The homeopathic remedy secale is prepared from Secale cornutum, also known as ergot, which also forms an important element of several pharmaceutical medications. The homeopathic tincture secale is made from the fresh shoots of the rye plant that enclose ergot collected immediately prior to the harvesting.



As a homeopathic remedy, ergot is available in capsules or a liquid extract. It is used to ease the symptoms of senile gangrene and other skin conditions. This remedy can relieve severe headaches as well as menstrual disorders because it slows down the blood circulation. When the blood flow will not stop during menstruation and the uterus continues to shed, secale cornutum helps to remove any matter that is left in the uterus.

During labor, derivatives of ergot can be used to induce contractions. Typically, the ergot is only used if there if a chance for a post-partum hemorrhage but it also helps to produce strong contractions. These contractions can be severe or erratic and if too much secale cornutum is given to a woman during labor, the result can be lacerations and a rupturing of the womb. Secale cornutum is often a last resort option during delivery. It is primarily only used when a woman shows no sign of contractions.


The homeopathic remedy secale has numerous therapeutic uses. However, the primary use of this medication is to treat problems of the circulatory system, wherein the muscle fibers of the arteries narrow down resulting in spasms. This, in turn, causes the extremities to become very cold and severely blanched. In addition, patients suffering from this condition also experience numbness of the extremities, something akin to Raynaud’s syndrome (a vascular disease where blood does not flow adequately to the extremities) accompanied by sporadic cramps in the calf muscles. In severe cases, they may also develop gangrene and begin to lose parts of the extremities, such as the fingers, toes and ear lobes. The most common symptoms of this condition may comprise an ice-cold sensation on the surface of the skin, especially when touched, while there is a burning sensation and heat underneath the skin. Presently, ergot or Secale cornutum forms an important element of a medicine that regulates loss of blood after a miscarriage or childbirth.

This homeopathic medicine is an excellent remedy for a number of women’s health problems. Homeopathic physicians prescribe secale to cure constriction of the uterus muscle fibers, which is generally accompanied by soreness and blood loss. The symptoms of this condition usually comprise cramps during menstrual period accompanied by dark, profuse blood loss and incessant seeping of watery blood that continues till the subsequent menstrual period.

In other words, use of the homeopathic remedy secale has a distinctive action on a variety of problems associated with menstruation. It is an effective remedy for curing irregular menses that are long lasting as well as accompanied by profuse bleeding. Some women suffering from menstrual disorders may also experience incessant discharge of dark blood from one menstrual period to another. In addition, in homeopathy, secale is an excellent remedy for painful menstruation, also known as dysmenorrhea. It is also effective for treating menstrual colic (a type of dysmenorrhea distinguished by pain in the abdominal region during or just prior to menstruation) accompanied by pain as in the case of labor, chilly sensation and heat intolerance. In addition, secale is also useful in curing greenish/ brownish and disgusting leucorrhea (discharge of white mucous substance from the vagina, which is usually a mark of vaginal infection).

The homeopathic remedy secale is also effective in treating gastro-intestinal disorders, especially in the instance when the abdomen is highly susceptible to touch and there is a burning sensation throughout the abdominal region. In such conditions, the patients have an abnormal and famished appetite even while they may be suffering from diarrhea making them weak and weary. Such patients usually have a great desire to have acids and lemonade and crave for bread and concentrated wine. Despite the ravenous appetite and harsh diarrhea endured by these patients, they vomit mucus, and all foodstuff and beverages they might have taken. The color of the vomited material is dark brown, something similar to a ground coffee fluid. In fact, taking secale also helps to cure diarrhea that is accompanied with an ice-old sensation in different parts of the body.

In homeopathy, secale is also a medication for treating congestive headache, which begins from the back of the head and makes the sufferer’s face look pale. People suffering from congestive headaches have their head pulled backwards, while they also suffer hair loss. In addition, the hair turns out to be dry.

The homeopathic remedy secale is also effective in treating various skin disorders, especially in healing dry, senile gangrene caused after any injury and which is accompanied by a burning sensation something akin to feeling sparks of fire dropping on the affected skin areas. This condition deteriorates when external heat is applied to the affected parts of the skin and the patient, despite having a cold feeling in the affected skin areas, feels relieved following cold application. This homeopathic remedy is also useful in healing large patches of skin discoloration caused by extravasations of blood (ecchymosis) and blood blister (any blister containing blood, caused due to a pinch or crushing injury). When any individual suffers from these conditions, the skin becomes cold to touch, but the patients are still unable to bear any covering over the affected area. The extremities, such as the fingers and toes, turn cold like ice, while the skin turns pale. Such patients have hollow eyes and blue rings are formed in the region around the eyes. Turning to the homeopathic remedy secale not only helps to cure the main health conditions discussed above, but also provide relief from the associated symptoms.

It has been observed that people who response well to this homeopathic medication usually have a boiling hot sensation all over the body internally. It is surprising to find that while the skin of such people feels ice cold to touch, they may be profusely discharging cold sweat. Despite the fact that their skin is icy-cold to touch, they are unable to tolerate any clothes or covering over the affected skin areas. All the health conditions discussed above improve on cold application and, hence, it is not surprising that these type of patients have a strong desire to jump into a pool of cold water to get relief from their symptoms, which may be causing a burning sensation inside their body.

In addition, individuals requiring the homeopathic remedy secale most have a very feeble mind and seem to be dim-witted as well as always half asleep. Such people always suffer from a feeling of intense sorrow, nervousness, depression and dissuasion.


  • The symptoms of an ergot overdose include vomiting, muscle weakness, and an irregular heart beat. Women who are pregnant should never use ergot because it can cause a spontaneous abortion. This remedy should also not be taken by women who are breastfeeding.


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