Flo-Gard™ SP silica is a synthetic silicon dioxide with superior capabilities for optimizing free-flowing properties in powdered food ingredients.



For more than 30 years, food and animal feed manufacturers have relied on FLO-GARD™ precipitated silica products to optimize the flow of food and animal feed products and additives, from free-flow silicas for ultra-fine particle size food applications to high carrying capacity silica carriers for feed applications.


Flo-Gard SP silica is a unique precipitated silica. A controlled manufacturing process produces a uniform particle size that promotes free-flowing properties when added to powdered food ingredients. Flo-Gard SP silica is a highly absorptive, pure white, free-flowing powder. It is amorphous in structure, and has a neutral pH. Flo-Gard SP silica is also odorless and tasteless with a typical median particle size of 36 microns by Laser Diffraction.

Flo-Gard SP silica blends easily. Because of its very fine, uniform particle size, it requires no preblending. It can be metered directly into the process stream, mixer or spray drier. Using a test method developed by PPG to measure product dust levels, Flo-Gard SP silica has been shown to be a superior performing flow-aid. In some spice applications, Flo-Gard SP silica was shown to generate lower dust levels than those applications containing equal loadings o

Flo-Gard SP silica offers significant cost savings since it provides equivalent anti-caking efficiency at lower loadings compared to many competitive alternatives such a sodium aluminosilicate. Flo-Gard SP is effective across a wide variety of applications, allowing flow conditioner inventories to be reduced.


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