Sodium ascorbyl phosphate is a naturally occurring substance that resembles a white powder made of tiny crystals



The ingredient is used widely by the skin care industry and can be listed on products under a number of alternate names. Among these are L-ascorbic acid 2 dihydrogen phosphate trisodium salt and simply l-ascorbic acid trisodium salt.


It is considered to be a very stable precursor of Vitamin C that is able to liberate the powerful antioxidant in the skin ( Although Ascorbic Acid can be an irritant and actually cause acne, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is considered gentle and stable and waits to convert into Ascorbic Acid once it is absorbed. Therefore, it is thought to be a powerful antioxidant that can treat acne on the surface and even stimulate collagen, according to It also has skin-whitening abilities ( Beijing Brilliance Biochemical).


The Cosmetics Database finds Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate to be a 99% safe ingredient and notes only data gaps as a concern. Although Vitamin C can be an irritant, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is considered safe and stable. However, studies done in Australia by the National Industrial Chemicals Notification Scheme found that it should only be used in concentrations up to 5% in most formulas, and up to .1% in sunscreens because it was found to be a moderate irritant and sensitizer in rabbit skin, as well as an eye irritant.


None are recorded.

Other names

vitamin C







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