Sodium cocoate is a generic name for the mixture of fatty acid salts (acid salts) of coconut oil that is used in soap making.



It is used as a surfactant and emulsifying agent. Like sodium palmate, it is a critical ingredient in soap making.


Sodium Cocoate is the generic name commonly used for the mixture of fatty acid derived from coconut oil, according to Wikipedia. It is produced by combining coconut oil with a sodium hydroxide base, and is often combined with Sodium Tallowate to create soap, other cleansers and surfactants.

Fatty acids help maintain resilience and lubrication of cells, and “combine with protein and cholesterol to form living membranes that hold body cells together.” They are known to promote cell membrane function and healthy skin, and coconut oil is often used as a skin moisturizer and softener (


The Cosmetics Database notes data gaps in the research available regarding Sodium Cocoate, but finds it to be a safe ingredient. Canadian studies classify it as “not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful,” and no other studies were found that listed negative side effects. Coconut oil is considered a safe ingredient as well (Cosmetics Database).


None are recorded.

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