Sodium lactate is the sodium salt of lactic acid, and has a mild saline taste. It is produced by fermentation of a sugar source, such as corn or beets, and then, by neutralizing the resulting lactic acid to create a compound having the formula NaC3H5O3



  • As a food additive, sodium lactate has the E number E325 and is naturally a liquid product, but also is available in powder form. It acts as a preservative, acidity regulator, and bulking agent.
  • Sometimes used in shampoo products and other similar items such as liquid soaps as it is an effective humectant and moisturizer.
  • Used to treat arrhythmias caused by overdosing of class I antiarrythmics, as well as pressor sympathomimetics which can cause hypertension.
  • It also can be given intravenously as a source of bicarbonate for preventing or controlling mild to moderate metabolic acidosis in patients with restricted oral intake (for sodium bicarbonate) whose oxidative processes are not seriously impaired. However, the use in lactic acidosis is contraindicated. It can cause panic attacks in patients with existing panic disorder


  • Respiratory and metabolic disorders occur when the body’s acid-base is out of balance. One of the treatments for an acid-base imbalance involves intravenously injecting the alkalizing agent sodium lactate to restore acid balance and electrolytes to the body.
  • Sodium lactate is a natural salt derived from lactic acid, according to Yao-wen Huang of the University of Georgia. Sodium lactate also removes drugs from the body after an overdose.


  • Sodium lactate can cause mild to severe reactions to your body. Some patients experience chest pain, wheezing, inability to focus, muscle cramps, tremors, swelling of the face or throat or inflammation at the intravenous site. An increase in blood pressure is also a possible reaction to sodium lactate. If any of these symptoms occur when you receive sodium lactate, contact your physician immediately because the symptoms could worsen.


Unknown, please consult with your doctor.

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