Sodium selenomethionine is a form of selenium.

  • Selenium is a trace metal found in the diet that can have many positive effects on our health. It is an active component of glutathione peroxidase which is an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of hydroperoxides. It is thus an antioxidant that can help to prevent oxidative damage to the cells which can cause cancer and visible aging.
  • Selenium can be taken as a supplement, but is also found in the diet, particularly in garlic, onion, tuna fish, herring, bread, bran, grape juice, sea vegetables, beer, eggs, shellfish and more.


  • The anti-cancer effects of selenium are well documented and it is one of the best antioxidants available. Studies have shown that areas high in selenium are less likely to suffer deaths resulting from cancer, while other studies have shown a correlation between selenium and reduced incidence of breast cancer.
  • It can help against toxicity from other trace metals such as mercury, and can prevent cataracts to some degree. It also plays a role in thyroid hormone metabolism helping with fat loss, tissue building and repair and energy.

Other Names

Atomic number 34, Dioxyde de sélénium, Ebselen, L-Selenomethionine, L-Sélénométhionine, Levure sélénisée, Numéro atomique 34, Se, Selenio, Selenite, Sélénite de sodium, Sélénium, Selenium Ascorbate, Selenium Dioxide, Selenized Yeast, Selenomethionine, Sélénométhionine, Sodium Selenite.


Source: Sinicki, Adam; “Which Selenium? Sodium Selenite, Selenomethionine, Selenium Cysteine”,

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