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Doenjang (soy bean paste), a traditional Korean food that is fermented from soybeans, has been a fixture of the Korean diet for centuries. Recently, it has received great attention from western medicine for its nutritional and medical value.



Recently, it has received great attention from western medicine for its nutritional and medical value. Doenjang is effective in preventing cancer. Soybeans, the main ingredient of doenjang, contain high quality proteins in the form of amino acid which acids aid digestion. Abundant amounts of vitamin A and C can be supplemented by adding pumpkins when making doenjang. Doenjang is also effective in preventing and treating constipation and diarrhea by increasing the activities of the large intestines.


-Anti cancer properties
Of all fermented foods, doenjang is the most effective in treating cancer.The anti-cancer properties of doenjang do not disappear even when the paste is boiled or heated. According to one study performed on mice with cancer, mice that were fed doenjang jjigae (a traditional Korean soup made from soy bean paste), had 80% fewer cancer cells than those that were not.Daily consumption of doenjang is one of the 15 rules for cancer prevention set forth by the Korean Cancer Association. The cancer preventing properties of doenjang are being officially recognized by more and more health institutions and experts. Recent studies have revealed that doenjang is effective in not only treating cancer, but also preventing it.
-Lowers blood pressure
The histamine-leucine amino acid in doenjang is effective in enhancing the physiological activation of protein, which alleviates headaches, lowers blood pressure, and reduces blood cholesterol. As a result, blood vessels become much more elastic.
-Strengthens the liver
The liver is one of the most import!ant organs of our body, as it distributes nutrients to each part of the body.Traditional doenjang is effective in restoring liver functions and detoxifying the liver. It also reduces the activation of glycosyl transferase, a measurement of liver poison. Many studies showing the liver strengthening properties of doenjang have been released.
-Acid-fast properties
Dfaidzein, daidzin and other isojlavin substances that fall under the polyphenol class are found in soybeans. These are the substances in doenjang that prevent aging.Another antioxidant is melanoidin, which is created as the result of a reaction between amino acids and sugars.These substances prevent the oxidation of lipid, which is found within doenjang, and make doenjang a very safe product.
-Antidote effect
Doenjang is effective in detoxifying the poisons in fish, meat, vegetables, and mushrooms. They are also useful in detoxifying snake venom and bee poison.
-Prevents dementia
The lecithin in soybeans increases brain activity. Saponin, another substance found in soybeans, is a functional substance that lowers blood cholesterol levels and prevents aging and senile dementia by suppressing the formation of fatty peroxide. In addition, doenjang contains antioxidants substances that slow the aging process. The powers of these substances are strengthened in the fermenting and aging process. At the same time, it has also been shown that the unique browning phenomenon of doenjang plays a significant role in preventing aging.
-Aids digestion
Doenjang is a food that simultaneously increases appetite and is easily digestible. There is no need to worry about indigestion when having doenjang for lunch. According to traditional Korean remedies, indigestion can be cured by eating thin doenjang soup.
-Prevention of osteoporosis
Isoflavone derivatives, also known as vegetable estrogen, prevent the re-absorption of bones and help create new bone matter. Thus, it is effective in preventing female osteoporosis. VitaminD, which is abundant in mushrooms, aids the absorption of calcium and makes our bones stronger.
-Partial treatment of diabetes
Melanoidin enhances the secretion of insulin and treats diabetes. Prevention of constipation and fat Pumpkins, mushrooms, and barley are rich in fiber. Fiber prevents obesity, treats and prevents constipation, and aids digestion by accelerating intestine activity.
-Prevention of heart diseases and brain tumors
Protein found in mushrooms purifies our blood, controls coagulation, and reduces blood viscosity. Hence, it is effective in preventing brain tumors and heart diseases.
-Treatment of freckles and skin discoloration
Linolenic acid cures freckles and skin discoloration by preventing the compounding of melanin. Mushrooms and pumpkins make the skin look shiny and healthy, and also cure acne and allergic skin diseases.


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