Spigelia Anthelmia

The homeopathic remedy Spigelia is prepared using the dehydrated aerial parts of the herb pinkroot, and is used to cure various health conditions, especially those that are related to the heart and eye. In addition, this homeopathic medication is also given to eliminate intestinal parasites from the body. It may be noted that Spigelia anthelmia is also used in several herbal medications.



Most commonly, the herb pinkroot is given to people to expel or destroy the intestinal parasites, for instance, tapeworm and roundworm, in the body. The native tribes of America have used the roots of the plant to get rid of intestinal parasites since long. Practitioners of herbal medicine advise combining the root of Spigelia anthelmia with senna, fennel as well as other herbs to produce a strong formula to facilitate expulsion of worms from the body. In addition to removing intestinal parasites, Spigelia anthelmia is also prescribed to treat health problems like common headaches, migraines and sinus infections.

Spigelia anthelmia encloses alkaloids that make the herb very helpful in treating heart ailments. This herbal remedy is useful in curing heart problems like rheumatic heart disease, murmurs (an unusual sound heard during heartbeats), valve disorders and angina. In addition, pinkroot or Spigelia anthelmia is also useful in providing relief from chest pains, particularly those spreading into the chest, throat as well as arms. The other uses of this herb include its effectiveness as a laxative. It also possesses antibacterial properties.

People who respond well or effectively to this homeopathic remedy typically have a pensive, absentminded and ‘blank’ personality. Such people are very conscientious and endure immense pain that usually causes nervous anxiety. Turning to spigelia helps them to get rid of their conditions as well as associated symptoms.


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Other names

Spigelia, Pinkroot


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