Spruce oil is derived from the bristly, needlelike, and blue-green leaves and twigs of spruce trees, a cousin to other ornamental conifers like cedars, firs, and pine.



Native Americans used to concoct their own ointment, salves, and lotion with spruce, honey, and alum to treat skin problems, such as boils, burns, skin inflammation, sores, and wounds. They also chewed the balsam of spruce as a chewing gum and spread it as caulking or glue. They even ate the inner bark and shoots of the tree.

Spruce oil is frequently added in soap, air fresheners, and household cleaner formulations to lend its fresh scent and act as a disinfecting agent. Because of its pleasant earthy scent, its calming effects, and its ability to ease anxiety and stress, spruce oil is also a favorite in meditation rituals like grounding.

For pet care, combine spruce oil with cedarwood oil. Apply it on your pet’s coat, use in bath preparations, or use as a spray to get rid of fleas and ticks.


Improves Memory Power And Concentration Level:-

Spruce tree oil is highly beneficial in improving memory power and concentration level of an individual. It also cures mental problems like short term memory loss.

Good for Muscular Pain:-

If you’re feeling muscular pain then regular massage of affected area with spruce essential oil will give fast relief from such pain. Apart from giving relief to the body from muscular pain, it also gives strength to the muscle thereby making its user physically strong.

Gives Relaxation From Mental Stress:-

Massage with spruce essential oil gives fast relief from mental stress condition and helps an individual to have a positive mentality.

Prevents Contraction of Muscles:

Spruce oil is also very effective in preventing contraction of muscles which may cause chronic pain if left untreated. It is recommended to alleviate joint pain and other major as well as minor orthopedic sprain pain.

Prevents Stomach Inflammation:-

Burning of stomach or stomach inflammation is a common problem that is being faced by every 2 persons out of 10 people.  However consuming diets made from spruce essential oil will deliver fast relief from stomach inflammation.

Removes Respiratory Problem:-

If you’re suffering from breathing problem then consuming 1-4 drops of spruce essential oil with 1 glass of water will ease your discomfort. It is because spruce tree oil is a good analgesic that prevents complex  respiratory therapeutic effect occurring inside your respiratory system.

Gives Support To Adrenal Glands:-

Spruce tree oil is too much effective in giving support and strength to adrenal glands which in turn plays a significant role in getting fast relief from stress and fatigue.

Prevents Body From Airborne Diseases:-

Spruce tree oil is also very helpful in preventing human being from different sorts of airborne diseases which may arouse due to air pollution  It safeguards your respiratory tract from effects of air pollution thereby removing breathing ailments.


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Other names

Abeto Rojo, Abies excelsa, Balm of Gilead Fir, Balsam Fir, Baume du Canada, Canada Balsam, Fir Needle Oil, Fir Tree, Norway Pine, Norway Spruce, Picea abies, Picea Aetheroleum, Picea excelsa, Picea Turiones Recentes, Pin Résineux, Pin Rouge, Pin Rouge d’Amérique, Pinus abies, Pinus viminalis, Pruches, Sapin Baumier, Sapinette, Spruce Fir, Tsuga


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