Squid is called koonthalkanawa or kadamba locally and is eaten fried or simmered in a gravy.



  • Used in cuisine.


  • A nutritious meal- “Squid is a mollusc belonging to the shellfish family, and they come in four varieties: black, white, hard shell and red. It is high in protein, minerals and low in calories. This makes squid or calamari a highly nutritious meal,” says Geeta.
  • Low in calories- Squid is great for those who want to up their protein intake without compromising on their calorific goals. “A 100gm serving of squid only has 75kcal – 85kcl of calories,” says the dietician.But fans of batter-fried calamari rings don’t be fooled; the calorific value might go up if you deep fry it.
  • A good source of protein- “A 100gm serving of squid also has a good amount, approximately 15.5gm – 16. 1gm, of protein,” adds Geeta.
  • No carbs!- How great is that? All you carb-fearing protein junkies and those on a keto diet can include squid in your diet because it has no carbohydrates.
  • Good source of vitamin B 12 and B6 – Your body needs B 12 for neural health and blood health and vitamin B6 for protecting your heart from strokes. This gives you a good reason to eat squid since it abounds in both these nutrients.
  • Selenium and Vitamin E –  Squid has good amounts of selenium and Vitamin E. “Selenium, which is present in a minute quantity in the body, works with vitamin E in the promotion of normal body growth and fertility. As an anti-oxidant it is believed to play a role in the fight against cancer and can help to inhibit the growth of tumours,” says Geeta.


  • Unlike some other animal products, squid is low in saturated fat. … When squid is fried and made into calamari, its total fat and possibly its saturated fat content goes up. In essence, what is otherwise a relatively healthy food can be made quite unhealthy.


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Other names

  • koonthalkanawa or kadamba


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