The homeopathic medicine stannum metallicum (Stannum Met.) is prepared from tin.



As discussed in the beginning of this article, the metal tin has multiple uses and has been used by people since ages for various purposes – domestic, commercial as well as medicinal. In homeopathy, the medicine prepared from tin (stannum metallicum) is an ideal remedy for various chest sicknesses, including asthma, bronchitis and tracheitis (inflammation of the trachea accompanied by symptoms like hoarseness and dry cough). The other symptoms cured by this homeopathic medicine, include weakness of the chest and the tearfulness associated with the condition as well as wracking cough having sputum that is greenish in color and sweet to taste. In addition, people who suffer from any type of cough induced by walking, talking or singing and hoarseness may also benefit from the use of stannum metallicum.

In addition to the above mentioned conditions and symptoms, stannum met. is also effective in treating conditions, such as neuralgia and left-sided headaches. These symptoms normally occur progressively, but take time to get rid of. The process of recovery is very slow in such cases.

Stannum met. is also an excellent medicine to cure cough. This homeopathic medicine has a somewhat affinity to the respiratory system and, thus, is extensively used to clear up congested respiratory tracts, especially when an individual suffers a tickling cough when he or she starts talking. It is also beneficial for people suffering from dry coughs that damages the chest and leaves the patients exhausted. In fact, when such dry coughs occur, the patients have a feeling that they are robbed of all energy and physical strength. Stannum metallicum is especially effective in healing coughs having yellowish expectoration (the sputum from the respiratory tract).

Stannum metallicum is also administered to people experiencing pain which worsens when they are in motion as well as headaches that make the individual have a sensation that an invisible band is constricting their head. This homeopathic medicine is appropriate in both the cases mentioned above.


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stannum metallicum


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