Stephania is a genus of flowering plants in the family Menispermaceae, native to eastern and southern Asiaand Australasia.



Stephania root is a Chinese medicinal herb that is most prominently used for controlling blood pressure. While its medicinal use has mostly been limited to China, it is also used in Japan as a pain reliever.


  • Stephania root has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antibacterial, and diuretic properties. It is used to manage water retention and edema, eliminate stagnant bronchial mucous, detoxify the body, promote urination, and expel heat in painful joints. Stephania root is used to treat abdominal distension, inflammation, fever, and pain.


At least some, possibly all, species of Stephania, such as Stephania tetrandra, contain toxic amounts ofaristolochic acid and can cause renal failure and even death. It should not be taken with NSAIDs due to possible kidney damage or failure.


None are recorded.

Other names

Stephania tetranda, han fang chi


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