Sterols, also known as steroid alcohols, are a subgroup of the steroids and an important class of organic molecules. They occur naturally in plants, animals, and fungi, with the most familiar type of animal sterol being cholesterol. Cholesterol is vital to animal cell membrane structure and function as a precursor to fat-soluble vitamins and steroid hormones.


  •  Used in medicine for lowering cholesterol.


  • Plant sterols are cholesterol-like compounds found in plant-based foods. Because it would be difficult to get enough plant sterols to achieve any medicinal benefit through the diet, many products now contain added plant sterols. Such foods are known as “functional foods” and include margarines, spreads, juices, and many other products. Some dietary supplements also contain plant sterols.
  • Treating gallstones
  • Enhancing sexual performance
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Treating the common cold and the flu
  • Treating asthma
  • Relieving menopause symptoms
  • Helping with hair loss or baldness.





Other names

steroid alcohols


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