Sucrose Stearate: This is a mixture of sugar sucrose and stearic acid. Stearic acid is a natural substance and sucrose can be derived from sugar cane and sugar beets.


  • The mixture has great properties which make it widely used in cosmetic products.


  • Softens the skin and smooth its texture: Sucrose stearate is very helpful in making your skin softer as well as smoothing the texture of the skin. This is due to the natural properties of the substance which allows it to spread and cover the skin after application. It spreads well and will remain on the surface of the skin for long so that your skin will smoothen hence helping you in developing great texture. The appearance of your skin will never be the same after you decide to try the softener on your body.
  • Thickens skin products hence creating soothing feeling when applying organic cosmetic products: There are some skin products which will cause problems when trying to apply them due to their curse texture, the manufacturers will apply sucrose stearate to make the cosmetic products smooth for you to apply. You will feel a soothing effect after application of most organic cosmetic products due to the presence of the sucrose stearate as one of their ingredients. The thickened skin will stand a better chance of avoiding the effects of UV rays damage which will make you feel comfortable when walking out in the sun.
  • Acts as an emulsifier: There are some products which are made out of two different ingredients which cannot mix. This can be a common case after a cosmetic product is made out of ingredients which are soluble in water and others which are oil soluble. You will have the products worked into a formula which will be easy to apply on your skin after you decide to have the sucrose stearate applied in the process of making them.
  • Limit the growth of bacteria: After the manufacture of organic cosmetic products, they can start developing bacteria due to time which they will spend on shelves before they can be used by consumers, sucrose stearate is applied to help in making the products stay for a long period of time on shelves before they can go bad. The ingredients also play a great role in preventing the development of bacteria on your skin after you apply certain cosmetic products. This helps in fighting germs on your body which will have affected your skin. You will enjoy healthy skin in your family after you make a habit of using the organic products which contain the ingredient.


  • Sucrose stearate is listed as “Generally Regarded as Safe” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.



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