Sulphuricum Acidum is an acid that was a favorite remedy of the Middle Ages, being used extensively in dilution in the treatment of scrofulous, phagedenic, cancerous, and venereal ulcers, as a gargle and mouth-wash for aphthae, ulceration of the gums, and diphtheria.



  • Used in homeopathy.


  • Beneficial for the following diseases and/or states:
  • Hot flashes in face, with clammy, sticky sweats, worse in the evening, at night, and after exercise; red face; with perspiration and especially while eating warm food.

  • Other symptoms during menopause of: trembling inside; pains at menopause; cervical erosion; prolapse uterus and vagina; emptiness in stomach; nosebleeds; canker sores and mouth ulcers; alcoholism; weariness.

  • Older women who are weak during the menopausal years. Hurry and haste in movements, cannot do things fast enough. Irritable and fretful over slightest cause.


  • Consult a doctor before consuming it.


  • Necessarily talk to your doctor or pharmacist before combining it with other medicine.

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