We have all heard of a tarantula, but this is not the South American Tarentula that we are familiar with. This homeopathic remedy is made from what is classified as a tarantula but is commonly known as Tarentula Hispana, or as Wolf Spider.



Tarentula Hispana has numerous valuable therapeutic properties. Tarentula is especially effective for treating certain types of mental disorders or problems of the nervous system. For instance, this homeopathic medication is useful for curing obsession or mania accompanied with too much edginess and restiveness and also for mental and physical restlessness. Many homeopathic medical practitioners recommend this medication to people enduring such conditions. In addition, homeopaths also prescribe Tarentula to patients suffering from different heart conditions, including angina (chest pain) and other ailments of the heart.

Tarentula is particularly beneficial to women. In fact, in homeopathy this medicine is prescribed for women who suffer from ovarian ailments wherein they may have a feeling that the problems are worse on the left side. It is also given to women who have sensitive genitalia accompanied with an itching sensation in the vagina and vulva. In such cases, generally the vagina and vulva of women become dry, hot and raw (often bleeding) and the sufferings are much more intense during scratching and excessive menstrual bleeding. In addition to treating these symptoms as well as the conditions themselves, Tarentula is also prescribed for headaches that are accompanied with a feeling of pricking needles in the brain and problems of the respiratory system – for instance, coughing.


Mood Swings:

This is not your typical or uneventful mood swing, but rather one that is very extreme. The mood swings or changes may be sudden and switch from bliss to complete negativity. There’s often a sensitivity to music, rather erratic behavior involved, and even some destructive behavior that may occasionally be displayed.

Angina and Heart Disorders:

The heart may not feel right, almost as if it’s out of position or out of sorts somehow. There is often trembling and an excessive thumping in the heart that doesn’t feel normal. The pulse is frequently irregular and may even be infrequent as well. All of these symptoms and the actual health condition itself may be aided greatly when using tarantula as a homeopathic remedy.

Women’s Health:

Women who turn to tarantula as a homeopathic remedy are looking for help with issues such as sensitive genitalia and severe itching in the vulva. There may be excessive sexual activity which contributes to the actual symptoms, or perhaps even fibroids. The vagina may feel hot or dry, and may even feel raw after awhile.

Restless Limbs and Chorea:

In this type of condition, the individual can’t seem to stay still no matter how hard they try. There is often a constant jerking or trembling of the limbs, and the individual may even feel a compulsion to hurry through their activities. The jerking movements are unpredictable and can’t be helped, and this can even lead to numbness which is often difficult to contend with. Tarentula, as a homeopathic remedy, works with the body to naturally help to alleviate some of these symptoms; or at least make them bearable.


Cystitis shows up as a burning or irritation during urination. The urine may have a foul odor and possibly even have a sort of sandy consistency to it. In addition to these unusual symptoms, the individual may have incontinence when they laugh or cough.


Consult your healthcare practitioner.


None are recorded.

Other names

Wolf Spider / Spanish Spider / Hunting Spider/ Lycosa tarentula


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