Theobromine has been used for more than a century as a stimulant, diuretic, and vasodilator, and offers a number of benefits when taken as part of a balanced diet. Theobromine is a natural extract of cocoa and over sixty species of plant. But it is most concentrated in the cocoa bean. Theobromine has a bitter taste, and is the main ingredient in chocolate. In supplemental form theobromine is a white powder.



  • Theorbromine has been credited with the revivifying effect of chocolate, as well as being described as a mild aphrodisiac. In order to get full benefits from taking Theobromine, it needs to be consumed as a supplement .
  • In a purer form than it is found in chocolate, Theobromine also has a fairly strong diuretic effect, and as such can be safely used in order to reduce levels of water in the body to lose weight and reduce bloating for body builders who want to get ripped before a competitions.
  • There are benefits for people of all ages from taking Theobromine, as a supplement, and it allows you to enjoy all the energy boosting and positive mental aspects of eating chocolate with none of the high calorie and high fat drawbacks.


  • Theobromine affects the kidneys because, like caffeine, it is a diuretic. It helps to shed extra cellular water and in this way affects the kidneys and renal system. Clinical research has not found any evidence of renal or kidney damage when theobromine is used sparingly and within reason.
  • Because of a long half-life, theobromine is toxic in small doses for dogs and cats. Large doses are required for toxicity in humans.

Other Names

Riddospas, Riddovydrin, Santheose, Seominal, Theobrominum, Theoguardenal, and Theominal.


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