The homeopathy remedy, thyroidinum, is obtained from the deep thyroid glands of sheep.



  • The extract of sheep thyroid gland contains thyroid hormones just like the human thyroid gland. However, rather than serving as a source of thyroid hormone replacement, thyroidinum supplies the body with the iodine present in sheep thyroid glands.Therefore, it is used to treat goiter and hyperthyroidism. However, thyroidinum is recommended for patients who demonstrate restless melancholy.


  • This remedy has long been used in homoeopathy to treat the symptoms of hypothyroidism
  • It covers most of the symptoms of hypothyroidism such as:- General and muscular weakness- Easy fatigue- Sensitive to cold- Digestive problem- Obesity- Mood changes
  • It is also found beneficial in migraine in which there is an insufficiency of thyroid gland
  • It is useful in goitre, especially of exophthalmic type.


  • None are recorded.


  • When taking any homeopathic remedy, do not use peppermint products, coffee, or alcohol. These products may cause the remedy to be ineffective.

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