Trichosanthes Root / Chinese Cucumber



  • Trichosanthes root is the root of the trichosanthes, or Chinese cucumber, which belongs to the curcurbitaceae family. The roots of the plant, which are white and tuberous, are usually dug up in autumn or winter and cleaned before being prepared. After cleaning, the root’s skin is peeled off, and the roots are cut into slices and dried in the sun before for use in herbal remedies.
  • Trichosanthes root contains a wide range of proteins, enzymes and amino acids, many of which have an anti-inflammatory effect. The root also contains a sugar compound consisting of glucose, fructose, cerebrose, mannose and xylose, which makes it an abundant source of calories.
  • In the context of traditional Chinese medicine, trichosanthes root has sweet, slightly bitter and slightly cold properties, and is associated with the Lung and Stomach meridians. Its functions are to clear lung heat, dissolve phlegm, relieve toxicity, and expel pus.
  • Trichosanthes root improves the function of the immune system. It helps promote the production of fluids in the body, and is especially helpful in treating conditions manifested by inflammations, such as sores, swelling, carbuncles and breast abscesses.


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