Uva lactuca extract also known by the common name sea lettuce, is an edible green alga in the division Chlorophyta. It is the type species of the genus Ulva.


  • U. lactuca is locally used in Scotland in soups and salads.


  • Benefits of Sea LettuceSeaweeds, including sea lettuce, are good sources of iodine which helps stimulate and maintain the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.  Sea lettuce also contains high amounts of protein and iron.  People who eat sea vegetables can enjoy the following health benefits:
    • Weight control.  A serving of seaweed provides only 5 to 20 calories and virtually no fat.  Sea lettuce has a high fiber content that gives a feeling of satiety when eaten in a meal.
    • Salt substitute.  Seaweed granules can be used to flavor snack foods and other processed food products.  It helps reduce sodium intake and lowers the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, or stroke.
    • Regulate blood sugar.  The high soluble fiber content of sea lettuce slows down the rate at which food is digested, thus helping to balance and regulate the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.
    • Digestive Aid.  Fiber in sea vegetables soaks up water and helps in the elimination of waste.
    • Other benefits.  Sea lettuce and other sea vegetables have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.





Other names

sea lettuce


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