VegPeptase 2000 is a trademarked variation of a substance known as vegetable peptase. Peptase is an enzyme included in a class of enzymes known as proteases, whose function is to break down large protein molecules into smaller ones known as peptides.



VegPeptase 2000 is said to help anabolic steroids perform their function at maximum levels. One of the most well known supplement makers to use VegPeptase 2000 is Animal Pak.

Animal Pak lists VegPeptase 2000 as an ingredient in several of their supplements along with a note at the bottom of labeling which states that the substance is a blend derived from various natural sources. Beyond this, not much else is known.


How VegPeptase 2000 effects the use of anabolic steroids is not clear. But we do know that protease enzymes are very beneficial in helping the body better utilize proteins. That’s because, in their natural state, protein molecules are usually too large to be properly digested.

Protease enzymes go to work on these large molecules and break them down into smaller ones known as peptides. It is these peptides that the body utilizes for normal functioning.

Proteins are essential for building muscle mass and strength. Therefore, it stands to reason that any substance that would encourage the breakdown of protein molecules so they can be better absorbed is one that would help bodybuilders.

In terms of their use with anabolic steroids, the implication is that the protease enzymes encourage anabolic steroids to work at peak efficiency in relation to building muscle mass.


Protease enzymes are used extensively throughout the bodybuilding world for obvious reasons. To date there have been no documented serious side effects linked to using protease enzymes or vegetable peptase in moderation.

At the same time, significant research has not been conducted to determine that these substances are completely harmless. Therefore, manufacturers recommend that pregnant and nursing women not use such supplements.

There have been some documented cases of gastrointestinal discomfort among those who have taken excess amounts of supplements containing vegetable peptase. The side effects are mostly minor and include gas, bloating, upset stomach, and varying levels of stomach cramps.

Users should be very cautious and follow manufacturer instructions when taking a supplement containing protease enzymes.


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