Veratrum album, commonly known as false helleborine, white hellebore, European white hellebore, white veratrum; syn.Veratrum lobelianum Bernh.), is a poisonous medicinal plant of the Liliaceae (lily family) or Melanthiaceae. It is native toEurope and parts of western Asia (western Siberia, Turkey, Caucasus).



  • The root is very poisonous, with a paralyzing effect on the nervous system. In two cases of fatal poisoning from eating the seeds, the toxins veratridine and cevadine were present in the blood. In 1983 sneezing powders produced from the herb in West Germany were reported to have caused severe intoxications in Scandinavia


  • Veratrum alb. or veratrum album is a homeopathic medication that is prescribed for patients suffering from melancholia, mania and epilepsy. According to ancient records, this plant was used by Greek physician Hippocrates to treat certain conditions that were identical to Asiatic cholera (an acute infectious ailment distinguished by profuse vomiting, diarrhea, cramps and other symptoms. The records also show that Hahnemann was the first to establish the remedial properties of this homeopathic medication sometime between 1826 and 1830. In fact, veratrum alb. is considered to be a highly important homeopathic medication in the community and history of this stream of medication. This homeopathic medicine actually helped to establish the manner in which homeopathy functions and the reason behind the advantages of this curative process.
  • It is interesting to note that the white hellebore plant from which the homeopathic medication is prepared is poisonous in nature and also harmful for humans, it possesses many curative characteristics that has made it the base for a very effective medication in homeopathy. It was possible for homeopathy to turn such a toxic plant into a useful medication – homeopathy actually changes the entire nature of the plant.
  • Although there was a time when veratrum alb. was only considered to be a toxic plant, over the years it has changed into a very beneficial homeopathic medication that offers extensive and widespread advantages. Like in the case of any other homeopathic medicines, the process to prepare veratrum alb. is also very crucial.
  • This highly beneficial homeopathic medication (a solution) is prepared from the freshly obtained roots of the plant veratrum alb. It is essential to dig out the root of this toxic plant before the flowering season commences. Once the roots are harvested, they are sliced into smaller pieces, mashed in alcohol and then thoroughly shaken in the vessel. The solution that is filtered from this preparation is considered to be among the most basic and important homeopathic medications, which people can still depend on for curing their ailments.
  • As a homeopathic medication, veratrum alb. is most effective for people who are naturally inclined to be restive or people who are basically exceptionally critical (fault-finding) or prudish by their nature. Such types of people are likely to take pleasure in seclusion or like to be left on their own more often than not. Such people are also sensitive to being maniac and are hyperactive and these may lead to somewhat striking changes in their mood. A number of their symptoms may be owing to their activities as well as the way they may be handling things or issues.
  • It may be noted that this plant veratrum alb. or veratrum album is a rare type of organic substance, which is among those few medications that perfectly matches up with individuals who are supposed to be living their life virtually on the threshold of mental illness or insanity. Although this plant as well as the homeopathic medication has a close relation with Syphilinum and Stramonium, it possesses its individual properties that are unique in nature.


  • Veratrum album is an herb that was used historically in Rome as a poison. Later, an extract was used as an arrow-tip poison.

    Despite serious safety concerns, the bulb and root are used to make medicine. People take white hellebore for cholera, gout, and high blood pressure.

    Veratrum album is sometimes applied directly to the affected area for herpes outbreaks.


  • When taking any homeopathic remedy, do not use peppermint products, coffee, or alcohol. These products may cause the remedy to be ineffective.

Other names

False helleborine, White hellebore, European white hellebore, white veratrum


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