Whitefish Meal refers to any type of fish that has flaky white meat.



  • Used in cuisine.


  • Keeps Bones Strong: Due to poor nutrition osteoporosis is becoming more common throughout the world. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones become weak and brittle, causing bones to break much more easily and causes people to lose their height with age. The way whitefish come into play here is with its high phosphorus content. Phosphorus is widely known to help maintain bone structure and density, as well as helping bones heal. By eating whitefish on a regular basis you may be able to avoid having bone problems with age, which if delayed can cause incurable ailments such s osteoporosis.
  • Cellular Health: Keeping yourself healthy at a cellular level is likely one of the most important aspects of your overall well being. Protein is absolutely vital to a cell’s basic functions, as proteins help cells structure and regulate themselves on their most basic level. Without a sufficient supply of protein your cells would not be able to function properly, causing your organs to not function properly. The result of this can range from a general lack of physical well being to death. This is why protein is one of the most vital nutrients for our body, and why eating whitefish can be beneficial to your health.
  • Helps Your Body Produce Blood: One of the vitamins found in whitefish is vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential for healthy nerve function and it is vital for the production of new red blood cells. People who suffer from conditions like anemia are often prescribed a steady supplement of Vitamin B12 to help with that health issue. Many sufferers of anemia will consume a healthy amount of whitefish in order to help supplement this need for B12 in the hopes of maintaining a healthy production of new red blood cells.
  • Fights Inflammation: Whitefish contains a healthy dose of Vitamin B6, which is known to help fight inflammation in the body. This becomes an essential nutrient for anyone who is suffering from inflammation related illness such as asthma or arthritis. Studies find that eating foods with Vitamin B6 can help reduce pain from arthritis and can help reduce the amount of asthma attacks for those who live with these conditions.
  • Immune System Booster: Whitefish is also an excellent source of Vitamin B3! This essential vitamin is known by researchers to help boost the immune system. Scientists have found that by giving high doses of B3 can help patients recover from infections faster and it can also help deal with infections cause by the much feared superbugs. Now the chances are that you won’t ever have to worry about MRSA, but it is nice to know that your seafood dinner can help fight off that nasty cold.
  • Keeps a Healthy Pregnancy: Researchers have found that women who have a Vitamin B2 deficiency have a higher risk of having a miscarriage than those who consume the recommended daily dose. Vitamin B2 helps the liver filter out old hormones and prepares the body for the changes experienced in pregnancy. Since many types of whitefish contain high amounts of Vitamin B2, doctors often recommend that pregnant women add more fish like Pacific Cod to their diets.


  • No side effects are known.


  • n/a

Other names

  • white fish meal


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