Yaupon Holly

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  • The Yaupon Holly is found in North America and is full of natural antioxidants. It also has the highest caffeine content of any plant in North America.
  • If you live in the southeastern U.S., you may already have this source of antioxidants growing in your yard. Yaupon holly trees are a popular ornamental plant in the southeastern states, and also grow wild in this region.



  • Native Indians used to make an every-day caffeinated drink from its young leaves and twig tips.


  • A 2009 University of Florida study previously validated the plant’s antioxidant benefits, revealing that, depending on the specific genotype of the plant studied, yaupon holly can offer anywhere from fifty to a hundred percent of the antioxidant benefits of green tea. However, yaupon holly tea has a less bitter taste than green tea because it contains far less tannins.


Source: www.naturalnews.com/033646_yaupon_holly_antioxidants.html

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