Generally, this Argentum metallicum is found along with other minerals like copper, zinc and iron in ore deposits.



Argentum Metallicum is a chief remedy for mental exhaustion and different respiratory problems.


The homeopathic remedy Argentum Metallicum is primarily used for rheumatism and arthritis, wherein the joints of the hands, feet, fingers and even toes become painful. This remedy is also administered for treating raw pain in the organs within the body.

Typically, this homeopathic remedy is appropriate for pains that increase slowly and fade away all of a sudden. Argentum Metallicum may also prove to be helpful in treating asthma, laryngitis and bronchitis.

In addition, Argentum Metallicum is also recommended for cough due to laughing; ejection of gray mucus similar to jelly; acute backache (affected people usually walk bent); hoarseness; trembling and feeble legs; rheumatism of joints, particularly the elbows and knees; swollen ankles and writer’s cramp. Individuals requiring the homeopathic remedy Argentum Metallicum normally feel better when they are in the open air and cough while lying down at night. Their condition deteriorates when someone touches them and during the noon.

It is worth mentioning here that every student of homeopathy learns about the benefits and uses of Argentum Metallica very early in his/ her training. This homeopathic remedy is most appropriate for phobic conditions as well as tense nerves prior to appearing in any examination. Therefore, homeopaths administer Argentum Metallicum quite generously for treating these conditions – however, in many cases, use of this homeopathic remedy does not yield the desired results. This remedy will only be helpful in instances of extreme anxiety and agoraphobia provided the patient constitutionally belongs to the Argentum Metallicum type. And since this remedy is of a comparatively unusual kind, in most cases people would respond better to other homeopathic remedies, for instance, Arsenicum and Sepia.


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