Atomidine is a liquid iodine preparation that was recommended as a therapeutic measure in over 600 “readings” (channelled writings) by Edgar Cayce.



Atomidine is a commercial product which is sold as an antiseptic for cuts, sores, infections, insect bites, and skin rashes.


Atomidine acts beneficially in iodine deficiency diseases, gastrointestinal disorders and asthenic conditions. It has the property of reducing blood pressure in cases of hypertension. Atomidine is an efficient diuretic and urinary antiseptic, acting in either an acid or alkaline medium


You should not use this supplement in conjunction with any other concentrated source of iodine. Over-stimulation of the thyroid gland with resulting nervousness may be experienced. People who are hyperactive or have cardiovascular difficulties should not use this product because too much iodine can cause restlessness, nervousness, insomnia and rapid heartbeat; reactions which tend to quickly disappear when it is discontinued.

Other Names

electrified atomic iodine


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