Selenicereus grandiflorus is a cactus species originating from the Antilles, Mexico and Central America. The species is commonly referred to as queen of the night, night-blooming cereus (though these two terms are also used for other species), large-flowered cactus, sweet-scented cactus or vanilla cactus.



The indigenous peoples of America have used the night blooming cereus as a topical remedy for rheumatism and itchy rashes, as well as an internal herbal remedy for worms, cystitis and fever.


Cactus grandifloras helps with:

Cardiac weakness (especially with feeble irregular pulse)

Nervous disorders with weak heart beat, poor circulation, mental depression and fear

Poor memory, and erectile dysfunction due to inadequate circulation

Nervous heart, hot flashes and allergies


No side effects are recorded.


Please read the medicine’s instructions and consult your doctor!

Other names

Queen of the night, sweet-scented cactus, large-flowered cactus, vanilla cactus, large blooming cereus, large-flowered torch thistle, lunar flower, organillo.


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