Celastrus paniculatus is a plant, the seeds of which are used to improve cognition. Preliminary evidence suggests it is also a potent intestinal relaxant.


Celastrus Paniculatus has been described by users online as a “brain tonic.” It produces a light, refreshing burst of mental energy within a short while of consumption. It creates the feeling of fluid, alert thoughts, and heightened concentration. It can be taken as a potent and effective stimulant which makes schoolwork or other detail oriented tasks easier to focus upon and complete.

Some describe the effects as more intense and dramatic boosts to cognitive functions, on par with strong nootropic supplements like oxiracetam. Oxiracetam is considered one of the strongest and most efficient of all “smart drugs,” famous for producing intense concentration and memory effects.

One unique benefit of C. Paniculatus is its effect upon dreams. Almost all users report an immediate increase in the vividness of dreams, as well as the sporadic ability to exert conscious control over dreams, a technique known as lucid dreaming. The plant is sometimes marketed expressly for this purpose.

In general, it is suggested for use as a memory enhancing simulant with strong mood-lifting qualities. It is even used as an effective aphrodisiac. Some head shops sell the seeds as male libido enhancers.


The Celastrus Paniculatus plant extract is non-toxic. Tests with rats found the plant to be stable and non-toxic even up to doses of 5 grams, which is dozens of times higher than an effective human dose. Prolonged use in the same tests indicated that the plant may cause impairment to the liver, intestines, and testes over time.

It is unclear if moderate human use will have these effects, but anecdotal evidence from centuries of use in Ayurveda do not indicate any additional side effects.

Other Names

staff vine, staff tree or bittersweet


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