Health resorts in Switzerland have been using lactofermented whey for centuries, since farmers noticing that pigs fed on it seemed to thrive, tried it themselves. They found that digestive and skin problems were resolved, and fungal problems such as athlete’s foot were easily cured.



To improve digestion and normalize the stomach pH against flatulence and nutrient assimilation problems.
As supportive therapy for Type 2 diabetes, obesity, arthritis, etc. May be used diluted as a vaginal douche.
Promotes the maintenance and development (prebiotic) of a healthy intestinal flora.

To disinfect minor wounds, foot and nail mycosis, warts, darters (scurfs) and other skin irritations.
As an adjuvant treatment for chronic skin lesions: eczema, psoriasis and other dermatitis.
As a tonic and exfoliating skin lotion.


Concentrated lactofermented whey contains the relatively rare L+ lactic acid that creates a positive environment in which friendly gut bacteria can grow and thrive. These bacteria then secrete more of the healthy lactic acid and further ensure the correct conditions for their future survival. Unfriendly bacteria don’t like these conditions one bit, and as they decline in numbers you will notice many beneficial developments.

  • Digestive symptoms such as constipation and bloating improve
  • As you are less bloated and uncomfortable, your energy levels and general feeling of well-being increase
  • Due to the steadily increasing digestive ability, your metabolism picks up, which can help with weight loss if this is an issue
  • Thrush, athlete’s foot and fungal nail infestations will get better as unfriendly bacteria are kept at bay
  • Arthritic symptoms may ease as tissue acidity is reduced

The immune system, which gets overwhelmed when unfriendly bacteria flood the gut, takes a turn for the better and you feel far more able to fight off infections.


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