• Condurango is an herb. People use the bark to make medicine.



  • Condurango is used for indigestion and stomach cancer. It is also used for increasing the appetite.


  • Condurango contains a substance that stimulates salivation and stomach juices.


  • Condurango seems safe for most people when used appropriately.
  • Latex allergy: People who are allergic to latex are sometimes also allergic to condurango. The allergic reaction can be severe. Be sure to avoid condurango if you have a latex allergy.

Other Names

Common Condorvine, Condurango Blanco, Condurango Cortex, Eagle-Vine Bark, Gonolobus condurango, Lechero, Liane du Condor, Marsdenia condurango, Marsdenia reichenbachii, Tue-Chien.


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