Cream is a dairy product composed of the higher-butterfat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization.


  • Cream is used as an ingredient in many foods, including ice cream, many sauces, soups, stews, puddings, and some custard bases, and is also used for cakes.
  • Whipped cream is served as a topping on ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, lassi, eggnog and sweet pies.
  • Irish cream is an alcoholic liqueur which blends cream with whiskey, and often honey, wine, or coffee.
  • Cream is also used in Indian curries such as masala dishes.


  • Eye health:  The presence of Vitamin A helps to promote the vision health. It assists eyes to adapt the changes of light, promotes the night vision and makes the eyes moist. It maintains the retina health and prevents the chances of night blindness by raising human eye’s adaptability to the darkness as well as bright light. It reduces the chances of macular degeneration and cataracts which is related to aging. It is helpful for the glaucoma patients.
  • Assist growth:  Vitamin B2 is essential for the development and growth of the tissues such as eyes, skin, mucous membranes, connective tissue, immune system, nervous system and reproductive organs. Moreover, it promotes the health of the skin, hair and nails.
  • Form bones:  Phosphorus is essential for the growth of bones as well as teeth. It assists calcium for the formation of strong bones. It enhances the gum health and tooth enamel. It provides relief from the serious ailments such as loss of mineral density or bone loss. The studies also shows that it is associated with heart health so the adequate intake of phosphorus prevents from the cardiovascular ailments.
  • Kidney stones:  Kidney stones are regarded as the crystallized deposits of minerals and calcium in the urinary tract. The study shows that high intake of calcium lowers the chances of kidney stones. The dietary calcium is not the cause for kidney stones but excessive present of minerals in water is the cause for kidney stones. The high intake of leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and low intake of fluid might result in kidney stones.
  • Reduce stress:  Pantothenic acid helps to reduce the stress and mental problems such as depression, anxiety and assist in mind fitness. It helps to regulate the hormones which are the cause for these mental conditions.
  • Enhance immunity:  Vitamin A promotes the immunity power to counteract infections by raising the response of lymphocytic opposite to antigens.  It moist the mucus membrane to promote the immunity and promotes the white blood cells activity. It prevents and fights the germs as well as infections.
  • Production of RBC:  Riboflavin is required in order to form the red blood cells as well as antibodies in the humans that assist in oxygenation and circulation of the organs in the body.


  • It should be consumed in moderate amounts.
  • The people allergic to milk should avoid it.



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