Croscarmellose sodium is an internally cross-linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose for use as a superdisintegrant in pharmaceutical formulations.



  • Croscarmellose sodium is used in oral pharmaceutical formulations as a disintegrant for Capsules, Tablets and Granules.
  • In tablet formulations, Croscarmellose sodium may be used in both direct-compression and wet-granulation processes.
  • When used in wet granulations the Croscarmellose sodium is best added in both the wet and dry stages of the process (intra- and extra granularly) so that the wicking and swelling ability of the disintegrant is best utilized.
  • Concentrations of up to 5% w/w of Croscarmellose sodium may be used as a tablet disintegrant although normally 2% w/w is used in tablets prepared by direct compression and 3% w/w in tablets prepared by a wet-granulation process


  • Rapid disintegrator in pharmaceutical formulations for tablets, capsules and granules.

  •  Effective for combination with both insoluble and filler-binders, such as MCC and DCP.

  •   It can also be preferred for non starch base formulation product.

  •    Tablet dissolution can be greatly increased by the use of a super disintegrant.

  •  Efficient for low use of levels.

  •   Insensate hardness of tablet.

  •   Finer dissolution stability for long term.

  • Used in solid dosages vitamin and nutrition.


  • Croscarmellose sodium is a commonly used matrix to deliver drugs to the intestines.
  • Stabilizing sodium carboxymethylcellulose produces croscarmellose sodium.
  • The Food and Drug Administration has approved croscarmellose sodium for use as an inactive ingredient in any pharmaceutical.
  • The amount of croscarmellose sodium added to the drug or supplement is dependent on where the manufacturer wants the material to disintegrate in the intestinal tract. Since croscarmellose sodium is typically used in small doses, not many side effects are reported.


  • Please consult your nutritionist

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