Dextrins are a group of low-molecular-weight carbohydrates produced by the hydrolysis of starch or glycogen.



Used as:

  • a crispness enhancer for food processing, in food batters, coatings, and glazes, (E number 1400)
  • a textile finishing and coating agent to increase weight and stiffness of textile fabrics
  • a thickening and binding agent in pharmaceuticals and paper coatings.
  • As pyrotechnic binder and fuel, they are added to fireworks and sparklers, allowing them to solidify as pellets or “stars.”

Due to the rebranching, dextrins are less digestible; indigestible dextrin are developed as soluble stand alone fiber supplements and for adding to processed food products



  • Increases health-promoting digestive bacteria
  • Reduces cholesterol and fat cell levels
  • Excludes toxins from the body
  • Keeps defecation regular
  • Increases satisfied appetite
  • Reduces blood sugar levels, and regulates insulin response
  • Reduces risk of coronary heart disease and related diseases
  • Helps fight colon diseases


  • Dextrin is safe to use because it is derived from starch, although some people may exhibit allergic reactions to corn or wheat in some dextrins.


  • Please consult your nutritionist

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