Electrolytic Iron could be considered as the purest form of iron and is derived from the chemical electrolysis of the solution containing iron compound like ferrous sulphate. The purity of this type of iron makes it suitable for various purposes in manufacturing, chemicals, and food & pharmacy industry.



Used for nutrition, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paints, dyes etc.


  • Food industry: fortification is the theory that was developed decades ago to fight iron deficiency and add strength to the common day foods as also cereals. The process of fortification involves adding iron and other minerals to the raw or processed or semi processed food to improve its nutritional value. Fortification relies on electrolytic iron powder because it is 99.5% pure and offers bioavailability
  • Nutrition related manufacturing: iron nutrition supplements make use of pure iron which is available as electrolytic iron powder. We find such supplements commonly in the market. 8. Diamond cutting tools industry
  • Pharmaceuticals manufacture: pharmacy industry also hugely depends on electrolytic iron powder for making drugs and compounds of diversity. Leading electrolytic iron powder supplier in India offers custom mesh size products to drug manufacturers around the world.
  • Chemicals: industrial chemicals sector make use of the pure iron powder to develop the intermediates and final products.
  • Paints & dyes: paints and dyes industry depends on pure iron powder to make the color complexes and dyes.





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Source: IMP-India,  http://imp-india.com/electrolytic-iron-powder-used/


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