Enzogenol pine bark extract is a dietary supplement and food ingredient produced by water extraction of Pinus radiata.



  • Research shows that Enzogenol is effective in supporting concentration, attention and executive brain functions in healthy adults and children. Other benefits include:
    • Children with ADHD and autism disorders – improved behaviour, concentration and focus
    • Potent anti-inflammatory benefits for joints, connective tissue and other inflammatory conditions
    • Cognitive performance – Protection from age-related cognitive decline. Better response time and faster thinking.
    • Increased alertness
    • Improved working memory
    • Cardiovascular health – Improved blood circulation, Reduced LDL Cholesterol levels, and reduced systolic blood pressure
    • Eye sight – improved vision. Reduced risk of age-related deterioration of eye sight
    • Increased immunity
    • Skin improvement – Enzogenol is also an ingredient in Ageless Beauty (voted NZ’s “favourite women’s health product” 2012)


  • Tree bark has featured prominently in many traditional folk medicines for hundreds of years.

    Enzogenol been used extensively for many years both in general health purposes and therapeutically. It is also safe for children. Recently, NZ pine bark extract was also certified by the USA for use in food and beverages.


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  1. Rosalia Delloro

    Hi,I used to take this Pinus Pine ENZOGENOL in Philippines my Doctor recommend it to me but when i arrive here in Australia i cannot find it,is it the same as the one you shown here?anti inflammatory?good for both men and woman?any side effects?

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