Fatty Acid Esters are a type of ester that result from the combination of a fatty acid with an alcohol. When the alcohol component is glycerol, the fatty acid esters produced can be monoglycerides, diglycerides, or triglycerides. Dietary fats are chemically triglycerides.


  • Glycerol Esters of Fatty Acids occur as colorless to brown powders, flakes, coarse powders, or granular or waxy lumps, or are a colorless to brown semi-fluids or liquids. They are odorless or have a characteristic odor.
  • Biodiesels are typically fatty acid esters produced by the transesterification of vegetable fats and oils which results in the replacement of the glycerol component with a different alcohol.


No health benefits.


Generally biodegradable and most are nontoxic chemicals with very low skin and eye irritation. They are usually considered safe for humans and the environment.



Other names

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