(Herb of Grace Sen de los Prados)



– in nymphomania is one of the most important medicines, and Burnett is specifically considered in this problem and female masturbation.
– Series, silent, deep in thought. Melancolica, hypochondriac, with great depression and not wanting to do anything. Undecided without perseverance. Tired of life. Mental disorders of pride or arrogance. *Anxiety about the future. Verve and joy.
-capricious, irritable, hysterical, ill-tempered, does not tolerate contradiction.

  • 4 Delirium tremens.


– cold sensations in various parts of the body: head, teeth, stomach, abdomen.
– Worse, during and after eating, after drinking lots of water, by motion, in a warm room, and at night, sitting or rising from a chair outdoors (diarrhea). Left sided.

  • Better-for repose; the open air by contact.
  • Constant

– vaporous exhalation from the body. Obstinate ulcers.Tetanus
– Great languor and prostration.

– Vertigo while eating and after (such as euphoria); on closing eyes; when reading or when sitting or rising from a chair, as if the head forward or backward ripple. Violent waves of blood to the head, with heat and drowsiness, with throbbing frontal and dimming of vision, worse on motion or traveling, and can reach fainting; better for sleeping. Headaches with nausea and vomiting. Headache: pressing, frontal and occipital lancinating and throbbing, with nausea and drowsiness. Headache worse when rising from a chair, motion or walking outdoors. Feeling of heaviness in the forehead, as if brain would fall forward, as if the brain is contracted and the head shrinks. Brusca vibrating sensation in the head, with suspension of sight and hearing.

  • Head very sensitive to cold. Sensation of cold in the head in vertex.
  • Heat in the head to lift it. Feel the tight face, with wrinkles.

– itching, twitching and weakness in the eyelids, itching in the * are. Dry eyes and feel like they have sand, with burning and pressure. Watery eyes and weaknesses in reading. Vision foggy when reading or writing; myopia; see distant objects better than close IOS. The vision fades to write or to light or clear objects look better when you close your eyes, but is repeated. Go all white objects, even the Greens.

  • Itching in the ears. Otalgia.
  • Frequent sneezing, with painful blows on the left side of the chest and hypochondria. Nasal obstruction. Pressure at the root of the nose.
  • Itching and burning in the left nostril.

– Red face with burning heat. Tingling and burning in the molars.
Tension in the face; feels swollen. Swollen upper lip every morning, with punctures. Tearing pain on one side of the face. Painful crack on the left side of the chin.
– grind their teeth. Toothache night in molars. Sensation of cold in the teeth. Sialorrhea; spit often. Boca bitter. Fetid breath in the morning on waking.
Mucus in throat 15. Sore throat that makes him constantly swallowing, difficulty swallowing, and by contraction, worse empty swallowing. Dysphagia for liquids. Tickling and scraping in throat mucus that can not boot.
– Sense of gnawing hunger after eating; of cold or emptiness in the epigastrium, but can not eat. Hunger, with aversion to food. Sed. Pressive sensation as from a stone that is rolling from side to side in the stomach. Regurgitation bitter or sweet. Hiccups. You can not burp, drowns. Nausea, retching and cold in the womb. Bilious vomiting, yellowing, acids or bitter. Fullness and discomfort in the stomach, pressure after eating, much to gastric distension. Gastric disorders accompanied by nausea and ineffectual efforts to burp. Tendency to vomit, cructando better. As Gratiola drug use is a predominant in women, improves symptoms of Nux Vomica that these may present.
Cramps in the epigastrium radiating from there.
– Pressing pains in the stomach with umbilical punctures they do bend, best removing flatus. Flatulent colic with nausea and regurgitation. Distended stomach, with rumbling, nausea, belching, and dizziness. Cold feeling in the stomach, which lasts half an hour.
– No doubt the action of Gratiola center is in the rectum and large intestine. Summer diarrhea in children, especially if they have drunk a lot of cold water. Stools watery, yellowish, greenish, foamy (Mag.Carb.) Expulsadias strongly in a stream, without pain, burning and irritation followed by anal and great exhaustion, sometimes with painful hemorrhoids output.

  • Diarrhea with sensation of cold in the abdomen, and cramped. Asiatic cholera.
  • Mucous diarrhea at night, with tenesmus. Inefficient urgent desire to defecate.
  • Constipation with hard stool, scanty, difficult to expel. Stool passes out without realizing it. Ascariasis. Excoriating pain in anus while defecating or later. Pruritus ani. Ano red. Straight contracted.
  • Oliguria. Small, reddish urine becomes turbid on standing, with cloudy sediment. Incontinence. Urethral burning during and after urination.

– Painful stiffness of the penis after pollutions. Stitches in left spermatic cord, which drive up the belly and chest. Drawing pain in the glans.
– Menses early, very heavy and prolonged. Masturbation, nymphomania (see l). Sexual organs irritated, congested. Flow with pain in the waist. Right breast pain, worse on rising or during menstruation.

  • Dry cough, from roughness in the chest, worse morning and night. Nocturnal cough excoriating pain in the trachea, oppression and shivering. Heat in the chest, then in the head and hands, with red face. Chest pressure, pain when breathing. Granites burning after scratching. Violent palpitation, especially after a bowel movement, with oppression.
  • Sensation as if you grab the neck with his hands. Pain from left shoulder blade to shoulder and breast. Stitches in the lower thoracic vertebrae and the right kidney. Low back pain as if beaten. Cramping pain in the coccyx, pressing pain after stool.
  • Rheumatic pains in upper limbs. Itching in the right palm. Pain as if beaten in the thigh after walking. Tear lancinating sitting in the warm, walk away. Painful blows on the legs and feet. Itching of the tibia.
  • Irresistible sleepiness with frequent yawning, especially after noon, at 14. Deep sleep, stupor.
  • Major prone to chills, worse in a warm room, sleeping or after stool. Heat rising to face with blush.
  • Itching with burning after scratching. Eruptions corrosive; seem scabies.


  • This is a homeopathic remedy. Please consult your doctor before administering homeopathic remedies and proceed with caution.



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