Lauroyl Lysine is an Amino Acid derivative that is made from natural coconut fatty acid (coconut oil).



Lauroyl lysine is a derivative of lysine, commonly used in skin and hair-care products.


Manufacturers use lauroyl lysine as a hair and skin-conditioning agent. As a conditioning agent, lauroyl lysine helps to soften your skin and hair. Additionally, lauroyl lysine contributes to hair- and skin-care products’ textures by helping to gel solvents. Further cosmetic uses for this derivative include use in eye shadows and powder-based products.

According to “Amino Acids in Human Nutrition and Health,” lauroly lysine can help prevent recurrences of cold sores and herpes outbreaks and reduce the duration of outbreaks. To treat cold sores and herpes, you should use high doses of lauroyl lysine topically. The recommended dose is 1,000 mg to 3,000 mg. Additionally, the amino acid arginine can interfere with the effectiveness of lysine in treating the herpes virus. Therefore, you should reduce your arginine intake if you use lauroyl lysine to treat herpes. You will find high quantities of arginine in many health supplements and also foods including soy, shellfish, spinach, seaweed and turkey. You should also speak to a medical professional prior to taking any health supplement to treat a specific medical condition, including herpes.



According to the “Amino Revolution,” the recommended daily dose the amino acid lysine is 1 g to 1.5 g. Symptoms of a lysine deficiency include lethargy, growth and reproductive problems, hair loss, weight loss, anemia, loss of appetite and enzyme disorders. Food rich in lysine include fish, cereal grains and legumes. Regarding the lysine derivative lauroyl lysine, there are not any known side effects associated with its use.


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