Lilium Tigrinum is an Asian species of lily, native to China, Japan, Korea, and the Russian Far East. It is widely planted as an ornamental because of its showy orange-and-black flowers, and has become naturalized in numerous scattered locations in eastern North America (particularly in New England).



It is cultivated in Asia for its edible bulbs. The cultivar ‘Splendens’ has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.


Unwinding the nervous system: As aforementioned, use of the homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum serves as a tonic for the nervous system. This medicine aids in enhancing the functioning of the cells of the nervous system and, at the same time, helps in easing tension of the nervous system caused by hormone imbalance during the menstrual cycle. Women experience such hormonal imbalances during their menstruation owing to disparity between estrogen and progesterone. Use of lilium tigrinum helps in diminishing the symptoms of endometriosis (the presence of endometrium in areas excluding the lining of the uterus) like weepiness and anxiousness.

Lessening ovarian cramps: Conventionally, homeopathic medical practitioners are of the view that pain in the ovary is primarily owing to blood or Qi stagnation in the region of the ovary owing to some kind of stress. When the blood or Qi stagnation is released, it facilitates in the free flow of blood to the ovary and adjoining regions, and in that way, decreases the tension of the muscles in the ovarian region. This, in turn, alleviates the pain in the ovarian region. It is said that lilium tigrinum is one homeopathic medication that is useful in this regard and, thus, helps in providing relief from the pain women suffer in the abdominal region during their menstrual cycle.

Diminishing menstrual cramps: Homeopaths are of the view that lilium tigrinum prepared from the tiger lily plant aids in increasing blood flow in the ovarian area. By doing so, this homeopathic medicine also helps to diminish the pain that usually extends from the ovarian region downwards to the thigh. Such type of ovarian pain is caused by blood or Qi stagnation in the region.

Healing depression: The homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum is very useful for people suffering from depression. It is especially effective for treating despair where people might be requiring some kind of salvation – those of the religious type. Such people have a tendency to become offended easily as have a feeling as if others are trying to harm them intentionally. Lilium tigrinum is a homeopathic medicine that has the aptitude to assist the body to heal itself naturally of the different physical symptoms and also provide relief from the emotional symptoms endured by them.

Treatment for heart disorders: Lilium tigrinum is an effective homeopathic medicine to treat numbness or lack of sensation in the right arm accompanied by an aching heart. In such conditions, the sufferers have a sensation as though their heart is just about to explode and also experience an irregular or abnormal pulse. In addition, such patients may also experience palpitations. The homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum is useful in treating all these complaints.

Curing urinary disorders: The homeopathic medicine lilium tigrinum is also useful for treating urinary disorders. This type of urinary problems causes the sufferer to endure a burning or stinging feeling when they pass urine. In addition, such people may also have the feeling to urinate very often or constantly although no urine may pass at all despite trying hard. This type of problem is generally very common in women.


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Lilium, Tiger Lily


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