The homeopathic remedy Mercurius dulcis (Merc. dulc.) is prepared chemically using the compound mercurous chloride and is used to heal a few health complaints, especially glue ear (presence of fluid in the ear). In effect, since the 16th century, people have been using calomel in the form of a laxative. In traditional medicine, calomel was also used for treating any disorder which may have been caused by a liver imbalance. Contemporarily, this substance is also made use of in the manufacturing of several fungicides and insecticides.



Used for earache pain relief.


In homeopathy, the medication merc. sol. is prescribed to treat an assortment of health problems that come together with symptoms, such as copious, tingling and pungent secretions. Usually, these health conditions are related to one’s susceptibility to cold and heat. Specifically speaking, this homeopathic remedy is used to cure problems of the mouth and throat that are accompanied by an intense craving for cold drinks. Such ailments may comprise oral thrush, copious secretion of saliva,inflamed gums (gingivitis), tonsillitis, halitosis or foul smelling breath, excruciating throat ulcers, loose teeth in infected gums and a distended, dark red, inflamed throat.

In addition to the health problems mentioned above, merc. sol. is also used to treat a number of other health conditions, including neuralgic pain, sporadic coughs, fever accompanied by soaking, oily, disgusting smelling perspiration that cools the skin on evaporation or worsens the other symptoms, a weakening headache, distended glands, ear ache accompanied by foul smelling discharges and/ or painful joints.

The homeopathic remedy Mercurius solubilis is also effective for eye problems, such as chronic conjunctivitis accompanied by red, swollen eyelids that are almost stuck together or burning, watery and aching eyes. Several homeopathic physicians also prescribe merc. sol. to cure nasal problems caused by allergy or cold – for instance, running, stinging mucus, sneezing that gives rise to a sensation as if the nose is raw or a stinging nasal flow. Turning to the homeopathic medication merc. sol. heals all these problems as well as associated symptoms.

Mercurius solubilis is also effective for treating skin disorders as it works on the skin and is a wonderful remedy for problems, such as encrusted lesions on the scalp accompanied by a foul-smelling emission, pus-filled eruptions or blister on the surface of the skin. This remedy is also effective for ulcers or opens sores that cause a burning and itching sensation.


No side effects are recorded.


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Other names

Calomel / Mercurous chloride


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