Modified Celluloses, also known as methylcellulose (MC) and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), are versatile, multifunctional food gums.



  • Cellulose extracted from wood pulp or cotton and chemically processed with acids or alkali can be added as a creaming agent or thickener to shredded cheese (parmesan), ice cream, fast food (burgers), powdered drink mixes and other commercial foods.
  • Some types of modified cellulose are soluble and some insoluble .
  • Cellulose can be also produced from corn cobs or stalks, soybean hulls, sugar cane stalks, oat hulls, rice hulls, wheat straw, sugar beet pulp, bamboo, jute, flax and ramie.
  • Modified cellulose is also used as a filler in tablets and as a laxative.


  • Supplements containing modified glucose, which is viscous soluble fiber, when consumed with meals, may reduce blood glucose spikes after meals
  • It may also reduce blood total and LDL cholesterol levels, when taken regularly for several weeks , but more research is warranted.


  • Modified cellulose may trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.


None are recorded. Please consult with a specialist.

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