NaPCA is the natural moisturization factor in human skin, and is synthesized from glutamic acid, a non-essential amino acid.



  • NaPCA is used in many products as a skin moisturizer and humectant. Humectants are substances that draw water from the air. Water is the most important factor in healthy skin, so the best anti aging moisturizer will draw water from the air to hydrate your skin.
  • The product is not a cosmetic that just covers up dry skin, but rather it is a real antiaging skin tonic that restores essential moisture, and improves the appearance of the skin by helping to re-hydrate skin cells and fight dryness.
  • Skin tone and firmness are also improved because water is essential to how the facial muscles function, and this affects how those muscles hold the skin tight and do not allow it to sag. Unlike other skin moisturizers, the product is correcting an age related deficiency, not just hiding it!


  • Improves skin’s moisture-binding capabilities.
  • Increases moisture level, making skin feel supple and smooth and hair feel silky soft.
  • Protects against the damaging, drying effects of wind, polluted air, and other environmental influences.
  • Can be used to set makeup.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.

Cautions & Interactions

  • Storing NaPCA Moisture Mist in the refrigerator during the summer is a great way to have a cool, refreshing experience anytime. If you have any concerns regarding the product or its interactions, please consult your beautician or pharmacist.

Other names




Longevity and Antiaging Secrets,



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